Developer communities

Developer communities

There are a lot of good developer communities this is some that we have talked to recently

Ericsson has created and developer community web platform where they are sharing interfaces, APIs leassons learned and much more


Intel and Nokia has joint forces combining Moblin and Maemo.


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The MoSync Code Challenge, 2010

Our partner MoSync has created  a unique open source cross plattform mobile app development tool that you can develop and port to 100+ mobile devices and os.

Competition to create an innovative mobile app.

More info at:

MoSyncs demo channel on YouTube;

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Kista Mobile & Multimedia Network

Great opportunities for great mobile solutions.

Let us help you to kick-start your company’s growth by connecting you with others. Get knowledge about the opportunities in the mobile and rich context world in Kista and Stockholm.

The Network

Thepeople at Kista Mobile & Multimedia Network (KMMN) have corporateexpertise and works in a business development mode directly with you.We help you to identify new opportunities that match your demands – both locally and internationally. Since 2004 we have opened doors for our partners in pilot projects, real business,creating press opportunities, TV interviews and hands on contacts.

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